On this page there is a condensed informations of our « Hotel »

      We offer 2 rooms "Mary and Jane" they are both on the second floor of the house have king size bed, shared bathrooms and bathrobes to get to the shower on the first floor near our room. We also have a suite "Matthew" wich is located in the basement ( totaly renovated in spring 2022) minimum of 2 days for rental. 

Price are starting at *125.00$ each room on the second floor,  *200.00$ for the suite. There is no adding taxes or cleaning fee charge on that amount we are too small and we choose who will stay in our cozy quiet old house.

* low rate season, prices are different in high season wich is between May 15th to October 15th.

-Contact us for more information or occasional special rates.

Since the house is an antique we did some renovation but no wheelchair accessibility and not suited for young children or babies.

              We provide with each staying; the backward parking and there is coffee and tea for you to make in the morning. We would have love to have a B&B  but we booth works and thought we could offer something different then the standard Auberge or AirBnB appartment.

                  Please note we have two dogs who are either with us at work or in our provate room.